Pesach Miracle - Update on Eli Beer

Dear Supporters and Friends of United Hatzalah,

We are thrilled to share the news that Eli Beer was taken off the ventilator at the University of Miami Hospital on Thursday, the first day of Pesach!  He is now breathing on his own, was able to communicate with his family (see the photo below) and even began physical therapy — where he was able to identify himself as a medic to the physical therapist.  He has now tested negative twice for COVID-19, so the virus appears to have left his system. As a result of that, he is being moved out of the COVID-19 ICU unit into the surgical ICU unit. 

This is the start of what will be a long recovery, but it is the beginning and what we have been praying for and working towards over the past four weeks. 

Once Eli’s recovery (B’H) progresses a little further, we look forward to telling him about the 6,000 volunteers in Israel who continue to put themselves in harm’s way to serve their neighbors in need — as well of the prayers for him that were offered from seemingly almost every place in the world, and from every faith and tradition.  

Eli knew what was coming, and the services demanded on United Hatzalah have skyrocketed as call volume has dramatically escalated, with both medical emergencies and humanitarian needs (as many vulnerable Israelis cannot leave their homes to get regular medical treatment and pharmaceuticals). These needs have been joined by a commensurate increase in costs.  This is what Eli anticipated as he made the video (that is now widely circulated) moments before his intubation. 

Our answer to Eli’s plea — and to the needs of the volunteers — isthis page. We look forward to showing him this campaign in a few days, and tell him that the supporters of United Hatzalah have sustained the organization during his absence and in his honor. 

Thank you again, and we wish all those suffering from this awful pandemic good health in the days and weeks ahead.

Chag Sameach

Mark Gerson, Chairman

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