Tehillim List/Prayers Needed - Daily Update

*** To Heal The Sick, Read Perek 20 Moshe ben Simcha Ezra ben Salha Regina bat Simha Eliyahu ben Rachel Leah Avrum ben Bancha Bala Tinok ben Rivka Yitzhak ben Rachel Leah Chana ben Eve Chava Rachel Esther bat Chaya Sarah Tinok ben Rivka Eliyahu ben Rachel Leah Avrum ben Bancha Bala Yitzhak ben Rachel Leah Devorah bat Chana Esther bat Sophie Shafia Nizha bat Esther Moshe Chaim ben Jacqueline Chana bat Pessel Leah Beracha bat Rivkah Halfon ben Victoria Today's Tehillim Perek is: 19 [in the 24th Perek-A-Day Cycle] ***** Current Levayot/Shiva: For: Zaki Bawabeh / Yitzchak ben Simcha Deceased On: 7/10/2020 Family Members:Wife: Tune Bawabeh Children: Soly Bawabeh, Arlette Gindi, Hillel Bawabeh, Sophia Fouerte Sisters: Guita Dweck, Fariland Bresko, Evon Halabi, Nelly Bawabeh Brothers: Aslan Bawabeh 646-331-2295 Maurice Bawabeh 718-938-1889 David Bawabeh 917-246-0443 Sitting at: The wife children and other siblings will be sitting at 2238 East 5th st. Shiva Until: 7/17/2020 For: Roselyn Levy / Rose Raizel bat Chava Deceased On: 7/11/2020 Family Members:Husband: Nissim Levy (917) 566-2679 Children: Joey Levy (917) 378-5155 Karen Heffez (646)244-7022 David Levy (347) 699-9454 Siblings: Rachel Zirdok (347) 420-8414 Morty Haberkorn(Israel) +972 50 767 1795 Max Haberkorn A"H Prayer Times:Shaharit: 7:00am Minha/Arbit: 7:30pm Sitting at: 494 Monmouth Rd West Long Branch Due to current circumstances, masks are strictly required. Please respect and practice safe social distancing. Thank you. Shiva Until: 7/18/2020